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RAJMN is the only Jewish-Russian program for young families in Minnesota, working to connect them to the larger Jewish community in Twin Cities and provide a deeper understanding of Judaism and Russian-Jewish roots and culture since 2003. We also serve as a bridge to other Jewish organizations, connecting Russian-American Jews to synagogues, Jewish schools, programs in Israel, Jewish summer camps and other programs as needed.


Our Mission

  • Deepen the connection of the Russian Jewish community in Minnesota to the larger Jewish community in our state.

  • Foster understanding and a general curiosity about Judaism and Russian Jewish roots and culture among young Russian-speaking Jews.

  • Strengthen connections between young families in Minnesota’s Russian-Speaking Jewish(RSJ) community.

  • Teach RSJ teens and young families leadership skills that can be used to develop a stronger voice in the greater Jewish community.

  • Strengthen the Jewish identity of Russian-Jewish teens and young families in Minnesota.

  • RAJMN is committed to support and launch projects and new initiatives for RSJ community and helping secure additional resources for their initiatives.

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